Why You Should Attend The Ignite Your Genius Conference...


The purpose of the Ignite Your Genius Conference is to solely help YOU, the HUNGRY woman entrepreneur to RECLAIM your Purpose by teaching you power strategies on how to wholeheartedly embrace your true identity and purpose and use it to build your YOU Brand! Our focus is to help you to RENEW your Vision by taking the exhilarated ride of revisiting your original plan and path and tackle the new, more enhanced plan on how to get there!

Ignite is also designed to help you to REPURPOSE your Why by learning the significance behind your reasoning for why you're where you are now (tired of being tired and hungry for more) and learn what's going to keep you there. Finally, we're helping you to JUCIFY Your Brand by learning exactly how to determine your perfect Zone of Genius in order to live in your passion and new lifestyle while making more money!

What's the Benefit of Working with Michelle Live?

I'm on a mission to help aspiring and developing Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners directly by equipping them with the tools they need in order to see multiple figures from the thing that makes them most special. We work together to get to the girth of your foundational setbacks and eliminate what's keeping you from getting things done, following your heart and winning in finances and peace!

I educate and empower female entrepreneurs by helping them to find their zone of genius and big brand voice to create a lifestyle business they love. I coach aspiring and developing women entrepreneurs across the world that's looking to break free from their self-sabotaging mindset in order to discover the fruitful greatness they naturally possess!

My belief and teachings are centered on the fact that when you make your true self available to the world, sooner rather than later, the world realizes it needs more of you. Working with me means that you get direct access to my special gift; the gift to meet a person where they are and design an exclusive path to where they will be most impactful and fruitful.

As a multi-figure lifestyle business owner, brand and business launch coach and transformational speaker, I’ve had the honor of traveling across the nation speaking to and training aspiring and developing business owners. I’ve taken the same 7 power strategies that I am going to teach you at The Ignite Your Genius Event and show step by step how to use the strategies to build your own passion-driven, genius focused, lifestyle business.

Want to know more about Michelle Hill?

I'm Your Brand & Marketing Maximizer! I help you to Brilliantly Brand & Build Your Business with a Powerful Global Impact!

Why did I create the Ignite Your Genius Conference?

I started out with nothing more than a passion and a clue. I had a million ideas of how a business should be operated, what it should look like and how it should make me feel. I had customers, clients, students, performers and whatever else I needed in order to make my business appear real and in operation. I was the definition of "faking it until you make it."

At some point down the line, I simply couldn't fake it anymore. I'd been in business for much too long to not be making any real money or growing on any scale. "Faking it" was no longer a viable option.  When people on the outside begin to see exactly what was happening on the inside, I had to start doing some major explaining.

After over 200 sleepless nights, going hungry, feeling like a horrible mother and wife, utilities getting cut off and a nervous breakdown...I QUIT. After 16 years of working IN my business that I built from the ground up on my own, I threw in the towel, fired my clients and I logged off of my computer. I DISAPPEARED. I hated my work so much to the point where it turned my stomach to hear the voices of my clients.

You see, I didn't have any guidance, any support that I could rely on or any real systems in place that would yield me proper results. I worked simply because it was a way of life for me. The amount of work I felt that I needed to take was helping to me survive.

I was so afraid that people would find out that I'd fire the little team that I had. I was struggling to keep up with the 31 full-time clients and 15 part-time clients that I had on my own and I was continuously trying to make it work by buying time. Yet and still I had to continue taking payments from my clients because I had to make ends meet. Don't get me wrong...I did the work...but it took forever. I lost many clients because of my complete LACK OF SERVICE AND NURTURING.

I was stuck between a rock and a REALLY hard place.

Fast forward to 10 years later and a multi-figure business that serves ONLY who I'm best at serving, I'm in a much better place. I made a TON of necessary changes in my life that would allow me to focus on who I love serving which are my son, myself and my tribe!

I took the time to acknowledge what truly made me happy and I made a plan to get to that happy place and that involved reaching the right group of people that was looking for my genius and serving them.

I am just like you.

I remember what it felt like to feel hopeless yet hungry for more.

Now, as a single mother to a child with special needs, I simply use what I'm best at to operate a business that my tribe is in dyer need of from only me. My needs, allowances and desires have drastically changed. Therefore, I had to change my way of thinking and my scenery in order to serve my son and my life.

After 2 months of just trying to figure out what was missing, I finally found the right dots that could connect and I tapped into my special genius which allowed me to connect them favorably. Now, I use my special genius and they pay me for it. I'm no longer struggling to keep up with work. I only do the work I want to do because I've developed a business around my genius. I do what makes me happy and allows me to specialize and structure my services to a tight knit group of individuals that know and understand that only I can serve them best.

The Ignite Your Genius Conference was created because I KNOW that 95% of you out there wanting to find the right steps to take in order to plan for and launch your business needs to be exact because you're tired of wasting time. I KNOW that there are thousands of you out there that have no clue on where to begin crafting your genius or even understanding how to use it to transform your lives. I KNOW that all of my journey was not in vain. It was designed with great purpose and that is to now serve you. My journey was created just for me to go through so that I can craft my experiences and help you to master the path to get to your dreams.

I realized (very late in the game) that EVERYONE ISN'T ABLE. Everyone isn't ordained. Everyone doesn't have what you need from them in order to get to the level you're trying to get to. You can't be upset about it. You can't hold grudges because of it. You just have to find THE ONE that was put here to serve you. There are hundreds of niche focused conferences, meetings and workshops out there that gives you a bunch of hope, inspiration and fluff. They make you feel like you could do anything. By the time you leave there, you're pumped up with a ton of hoopla and no real tools, strategies and resources to get things done. At the IYG Conference, we're changing all of that.

I strongly believe that God uses us all as a vessel. We just have to be open to being used. I accepted my calling about 5 years ago to become a "counselor." I knew that he was using me for something greater. Now, I get to coach hundreds of women each year into igniting and launching their dreams. It's truly an amazing genius to have. I'm honored to be chosen!

If I had this masterplan 16 years ago, I would have been retired by now. But, thank goodness I'm here to share with you and it is my honor.