Lifestyle Brand + Business Expert

The Founder of the Ignite Your Genius Conference, Michelle Hill have built her own   successful businesses spanning over the past 16 years. She represents business success at the 6 and 7 figure level in entertainment, service and handmade retail products industries.

Her belief and teachings are centered on the fact that when you make your true self available to the world, sooner rather than later, the world realizes it needs more of you. Working with Michelle means that you get direct access to my special gift; the gift to meet a person where they are and design an exclusive path to where they will be most impactful and fruitful.

Michelle is also paving her way as a Brand and Business Launch Strategy Coach teaching women in transition how to leverage what they have to offer the world. As a coach, her mission is to show women how to develop a fine-tuned brand and marketing strategy that will help them to stand out in their industries and attract the target market that’s looking for what they have to offer thus increasing their revenue by the thousands.