What will you learn at The “Ignite Your Genius” Brand + Business Building Conference?

Not only will you have live access to experience 3 powerhouse speakers, but you're also in for a phenomenal treat with Michelle Hill, Lifestyle Brand & Business Expert as she teaches you her 7 Impactful strategies to build a lifestyle business to change your life!

Join other entrepreneurs for a powerful, results focused experience where you get to discover your personal pathway to building and earning from your special zone of genius so that you can finally create the lifestyle business you’ve been longing for.


Is making decent money beginning to feel impossible and you know that you are meant for more?


  • You live payment to payment and can't develop a more reliable stream of income.
  • You're charging peanuts for your services and can't see a return on hours worked.
  • You focus more on working in your business than working on your business.
  • You totally avoid having real conversations about money with your clients.
  • You develop instant guilt when it comes to spending money on yourself and joys.
  • You work super long hours in your business resulting in a loss of other opportunities.
  • You're simply working your business without a system in place to work smarter.
  • Your bank account doesn't reflect your gift, hours worked or love for what you do.
  • You love what you do but can't seem to get beyond where you are to get to a new level.
  • You have customers and make money but feel stuck like it's never enough.
  • You work in your business so much to where you tribe feels neglected and disconnected.

...AND with all of this, you know you have a wonderful business that you love but the dots aren't connecting, you still desire more and you don't know where to start for change.

How Will You Ignite & Launch Your Multi-Figure Lifestyle Business from Your Genius?

PART 1: Foundational Fear Harboring

(How to identify, acknowledge and embrace what’s mentally holding you hostage.)

Life has a way of pushing our dreams down…way down. There are dreams buried under broken marriages, domestic abuse, adolescent childbirth, rape, the list goes on and on. Before, during and after the pain, your dreams still exist.

In this session, you will learn how to master your mindset in order to look past the pain, excuses, made up obstacles and how to stop being your own blockage. You will learn how to confront what’s holding you mentally hostage and how to finally say goodbye to its chapter in your life. You will learn the mechanics of showing up everyday ready to build, embrace your hard core values and how to build a ritual to stay true to them. You’re going to learn the art of your “Why” and how to keep it visual to keep you focused on impactful results.

PART 2: Your Special Zone of Genius

(How to build a passion-filled business that thrives from your God-ordained brilliance.)

In today’ business model, entrepreneurs are building companies that are completely aligned with who they are, what they’re naturally gifted at, what they love doing and the lifestyle they desire.

In this session, you will learn how to stop trying to be all things to all people and focus in on that .1% of special that only you possess in order to create products and services that people are eager to pay you top dollar (repeatedly) for.

PART 3: Your Big Brand Voice

(How to present your authentic voice, the “Total Experience” you will need to exude so that you are relevant, remembered and reverenced.)

No one wants to deal with a company they can’t rely on for consistency. When consumers come back to a business for repeat sales, they usually come back because of the experience they had the first time.
In this session, you will discover how to create a brand experience that will separate you from your competitors and allow you to stand out amongst the noise. You will learn how to formulate your products around the problems your tribe is looking for you to solve, enabling you to charge more for what you offer. You will learn how to establish and ensure customer and favor causing them to become your very own marketing agents for free. Finally, you will create your big brand voice profile that you will use to sell your brilliance and become a walking billboard for your brand.

PART 4: Your Ideal Raving Tribe

(How to determine who you are here to serve and how you can serve them best.)

Having a deep understanding of who you were put here to serve is crucial as an entrepreneur and business owner. Being able to articulate what it is that you want to achieve will help you to better find your ideal tribe that you are comfortable serving. In this session, you will learn how to determine the key components of locating, understanding and meeting your tribe where they are in order to serve them like only you can.

You will find your ideal tribe’s sweet spot and learn how to develop your unique brand around it in order to earn within it.

PART 5: Your Exclusive Tribe Offerings

(How to create products and services that your tribe is in dyer need of.)

In any business, what you have to offer should be representing the problem you are here to fix or the path you are here to pave. No business or brand can move forward and cause an impact without a product or service that someone finds highly important for their own lives.

In this lesson, you will learn exactly what your most powerful, life-changing product or service is and how to utilize it as the headstone to provide a signature package or offering to keep your customers satisfied and wanting more from you.

PART 6: Your Realistic Earning Potential

(How to determine what your genius is worth and map a blueprint on how to get there.)

Understanding the value of money will help build you a solid foundation towards earning more of it and most importantly creating a worthy lifestyle from it. When it comes to getting paid what you're worth, being as realistic as possible will help you to map out where you are and where you want to go.

In this lesson, we learn how to create a brilliant "Money Map Blueprint" that will help you to set the right goals with a fool-proof plan to achieve them.

Part 7: Your Communication Center

(How to develop a functional communications center to properly service your tribe.)

A successful business or entrepreneur/public figure or brand must be accompanied by a fully functional communicator center. Without a strategic way to not only assist/service your tribe, speak to your tribe and nurture your tribe, you've already lost 90% of your business and revenue.

In this lesson, you will learn of the best tools and strategies to use for your exact platform to best serve your tribe. You will learn the 3 C's of Charismatic Communication that makes your service seamless for your tribe.


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